Alternate is a collection of abstract real-time animations, that start with simple compositions and color palettes to evolve endlessly and to develop a depth in geometry and color over time. All pixel movements are restricted to their eight surrounding neighbors and occur at the speed of exactly one pixel per frame.

The artworks are written in GLSL (WebGL2) and JavaScript, utilize the P3 color space and respond to any screen size. A pseudo random number generator in the Smart Contract generates the color palette through one of five color systems (random, monochrome, triadic, analogous, greyscale), and the composition layout (grid or rows), and eventually the seed that is used to initialize a second PRNG for JavaScript to create a consistent pattern and deterministic movement.

The code is fully on-chain to be delivered directly from the Smart Contract without any third party render engine involved. Unlike usual, the work extends into the field of action of the preview image, making it part of the work.

Each NFT includes 4 versions of the artwork, that can be alternated by its owner by calling the modify function of the Smart Contract. The alternation call is protected by a fee and can not be reverted.

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